A documentary about Godzilla's origins. It’s connections with the atomic bomb are well known, but how has this affected throughout its more than sixty years of Godzilla films?


A documentary film by Jonathan Bellés

In Japan, the atomic threat directly influenced the creation of Kaiju Eiga, Giant Monsters Movies. The first Kaiju Eiga film was 1954’s Godzilla. Covering more than six decades, there have been several generations of filmmakers showing the monster in different ways and through different landscapes, being true to one golden rule: the relationship between Godzilla and the atomic bomb. But, what is the origin of this binomial relationship, and how has it evolved throughout its more than sixty years of history?


Discover this story through interviews with more than twenty filmmakers, actors and film experts around the world that have worked on the Godzilla movies from 1954.

Akira Takarada

Koichi Kawakita

(1934), is a highly respected Japanese actor who´s career saw an incredible boost when being the principal actor in Godzilla (1954). He was starring in several Godzilla movies in the 90ies and in a film that commemorates the 50th anniversary of Godzilla, Godzilla: Final Wars (2004).

(1942-2014), was a widely respected special effect director of Japanese Cinema who had worked on dozens of Godzilla movies, from King Kong versus Godzilla (1962) when he was the assistant of Eiji Tsuburaya, until his final movie Godzilla versus Destroyah in 1995, in which the death of Godzilla is displayed.

Haruo Nakajima

Yoshikazu Ishii

(1929-2017) He was the suit actor who embodied the first Godzilla in a costume. He interpreted Godzilla in a minimum of 12 movies and also more then two dozens of other monsters by Toho between 1954 and 1972.

Director of TV series such as Ultraman Ginga.

He tells us about the transformation how the Japanese cinema arrived on TV in the 60ies.

Kenpachiro Satsuma

Eiichi Asada

(1947) is an actor who started as a suit actor, who embodied several of the adversaries of Godzilla, until in 1984 when he became Godzilla. He is a passionate of Godzilla and continued to embody Godzilla until 1995, when Godzilla died.

(1949) is the special effect director who has worked on the most recent Godzilla productions. His filmography includes the last 3 completed movies on the monster. His testimony is interesting to understand how contemporary Godzilla movies are made.

Shusuke Kaneko

Teruyoshi Nakano

(1955), is an acclaimed Japanese cinema director who is widely known for being the author of one of the best kaiju eiga movies of contemporary cinema. Kaneko's Godzilla is an irrational response to the WWII and is a symbol for all what mankind has buried in oblivion about war.

(1935) is a special effect director of kaiju eiga movies. He worked under Eiji Tsuburaya in the 50ies and 60ies and was responsible for the special effects in the film Godzilla of 1984.

Full Cast

Akira Takarada

Haruo Nakajima

Kenpachiro Satsuma

Shusuke Kaneko

Akira Kubo

Hiroshi Koizumi

Kazuki Ohmori

Koichi Kawakita

Maasaki Tezuka

Yoshikazu Ishii

Alain Vézina


Daniel Aguilar

Eiichi Asada

Teruyoshi Nakano

Makoto Inoue

Norihiro Kato

Toshio Takahashi

Tomoo Haraguchi

Carlos Aguilar

Shinji Higuchi

José Luis Sanz

Ángel Sala


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Director, Scriptwriter and Producer: JONATHAN BELLÉS


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Supervising Editor: JOSÉ LUIS ROMEU

Sound Designer: IRENE RAUSELL

Translator & Interpreter: DANIEL AGUILAR





Country: Spain

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Subtitles: Japanese, English and Spanish

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